FISH 330 3.3m Inflatable Boat with Floorboards & Air Keel

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Unlike some similar boats, all FISH inflatable boats are dispatched from stock held at our UK premises and therefore there is no VAT or customs charges to pay.  What you pay at checkout is all you will pay, and delivery is usually next day.

Made in Europe, our professional PVC inflatable boats with floorboards are extremely robust and, thanks to the air keel, guarantee you top driving behaviour.

As with the slatted floor models, the area of ​​application is almost unlimited. FISH is ideally suited as a leisure boat, whereby anglers will be most enthusiastic because of the highest quality, small pack size and elegant design of FISH!


2 paddles

2 x Bench Seats
High quality carrying case
Repair Kit
Operation manual

Technical specifications:

Length: 330cm
Inside length: 220cm
Width: 151cm
Inner width: 70cm
Tube diameter: 41cm
Weight: 48kg
Payload: 480kg
People: 4 + 1
Max motor: 10hp
Air chambers: 3 + 1
Dimensions packaging: 110x55x42cm
The 5-layer material is welded at the seams and carrying handles, which guarantees you the highest possible manufacturing quality for PVC inflatables. Of course, our inflatables have a multi-chamber air system.

The high-quality, heavy-duty and water resistant phenolic floorboards are maintenance free and provide the most stable floor variant for inflatable boats.
We not only inspire with great prices and first-class quality but above all with fast and efficient service in all matters relating to FISH.
Have fun with FISH!

Customer Reviews

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Alan Aitken
FISH 330

I wrote a review on the 330 after I had first launched in the harbour at Chichester earlier this year, however I feel I can offer a more comprehensive assessment since my trip to Wales in August. My son has a competitor's 390 with a 8hp Mariner while my motor is a 6hp Yamaha. We launched from the beach several times near Aberystwyth and were between two and four miles out to sea and even in quite big swells. Fishing from the 330 is great and it is very stable in all conditions. Most impressive was the ease with which I could handle the launch and retrieve by myself while the 390 required two people at least. Correct inflation is a must if you want to plane easily. Looking forward to sea fishing again next year.

Michael Vine
Seats 3.3m

We had some difficulty fitting the seats ( tight fit) and occasionally one might come adrift.
I solved this by loosening the screws on the plastic keep and fitting a 6mm bolt and through-thread nylon wing nut with the thread topped off with nylon dome nut.
Works great. Loosen to fit, then tighten the w-nut. Have pics
Great boat! We use on the Thames with ePropulsion Spirit 1 plus.

Alan Aitken
FISH 330

I have had my FISH 330 for a few months now and have launched at Chichester harbour a few times with my Yamaha 6hp. It performs beautifully and I also chose it because of the solid floor because I like to fish from it. I have also used it on the river a few times with my wife. The most impressive thing for me is that I can carry both bags with boat and floor pieces - one on each shoulder - without a problem which makes it very easy to transport and easy for one person to operate. Great quality too.

Michael Vine

Waiting to get out on the Thames, but is there a video showing how to get it back in the bag?

Top Quality

Had this boat out on the water twice now, electric motor fitted. Can not fault it. Even better than I expected. Buy one!