ZAR 61 Classic

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The ZAR 61 with a length of six meters offers passengers all the comforts and equipment for a high quality on-board experience.

The vessel is equipped with a total of 10 storage compartments, eight forward facing seats designed with a comfortable anatomical profile, two huge sun lounge beds, a two seater console which is comfortable and functional. The helm seating has been carefully designed for the perfect driving position whether sitting or standing.

The ZAR 61 design is the most modern and practical one available today.

The hull of this RIB is long and deep which allows for a very soft and dry impact on the waves,  it is also fast and safe even in the worst driving conditions, as well as being nimble and manegeable for in-port manoeuvres.
The ZAR 61 confirms and exalts the excellent marine performances of all the other ZAR models, without compromising safety or comfort, the most important ZAR project goals.

  • Length: 6.07m
  • Beam: 2.54m
  • Seating Capacity: 12
  • Approximate Weight: 750kg
  • Engine Power Range: 115hp-180hp

A selection of options are available to configure your ZAR to your individual requirements, as well as a choice of engine selection, trailers, electronics, covers and other accessories.  Contact us for a personalised quotation.