ZAR 75 Classic

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Zar 75 is a champion of transformation. It is one of the more versatile vessels in the ZAR range.

The ZAR 75 has 9 forward facing seats, that are comfortable and ergonomically designed, they can also be easily transformed into a sea of cushions to change the deck into a sun lounger.

The ZAR 75 combines unusual spaces and volumes with elegance and vanguard design.
In navigation the ZAR 75 is absolutely excellent: the long V shaped hull guarantees an extraordinarily smooth impact on the waves.

The ZAR 75 is very fast and is great to drive: it allows excellent manoueverability and offers first class safety and stability.
  • Length: 7.42m
  • Beam: 2.82m
  • Seating Capacity: 14
  • Approximate Weight: 1100kg
  • Engine Power Range: 130hp-300hp

A selection of options are available to configure your ZAR to your individual requirements, as well as a choice of engine selection, trailers, electronics, covers and other accessories.  Contact us for a personalised quotation.