ZAR 79 Sport Luxury

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The ZAR 79 follows in the footsteps marked by the latest Sport Luxury line. The design is inspired by the flagship ZAR 95 SL and, as with all boats by ZAR, it is built with an enormous amount of attention to the materials and fine detail.

Thanks to the proven hull, the new ZAR 79 SL combines excellent sea keeping and internal space with modern design to create a sleek and stylish craft. The high level of standard equipment, a feature of the Sport Luxury Line, guarantees and gives value to the quality of life on board, which has always been a prerogative of ZAR.

The new ZAR 79 SL embodies 38 years of ZAR-Formenti experience and its the outstanding combination of solidity, quality and durability that makes it an excellent investment to give value to your free time.

The ZAR 79 SL Plus adds further practicality with a larger walk in console with the option of an electric flush marine toilet, hand basin and shower.

Length: 7.90m
Width: 2.86m
Tube diameter: 0.58m
Watertight compartments: 6
Seating capacity: 14
Net weight: 1100kg
Min.power: 130 HP
Power recommended: 150/250 HP
Max. power: 300 HP
Engine shaft length: L(2 engines) XL (1 engine)