ZAR mini RIB 11DL 3.3m Deluxe Console RIB Tender Package

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The ZAR mini RIB 11DL Deluxe Console RIB Tender is ideal for those looking to carry the maximum number of passengers for the length of the boat.  With a double bench seat for the driver, an additional seat alongside the helm station and a double seat on the bow locker, there is room for 5 with the Deluxe Console.

The large bow locker stores a 25 litre fuel tank, keeping the weight forward, while the fuel line runs discretely beneath the double floor.  The double floor means there is a bilge area so any water onboard will be kept away from passengers' feet.

Fitted with 6 integral lifting points, these models are suitable for lifting by davits, passerelles and cranes.

Available with a choice of up to 20 HP outboard motors, our package prices are for a fully rigged and commissioned boat ready for use.

Package as shown:

ZAR mini RIB 11DL
Deluxe Console & Bench Seat
Bow Cushion
Choice of 4-Stroke Outboard up to 20 HP
Fully rigged with steering, control cables, battery/box & fuel tank
An optional road trailer is available.

Approximate weight of package (RIB, Console, Engine, Battery, Full Fuel Tank) - 170 KG